Career Planning Services

- Complete a comprehensive online Career Assessment based on Myers-Briggs

- Discover career fields based on stable personality traits to promote more informed decision-making 

- Understand your personality and how it relates to career planning, college experiences, and learning styles

- Learn natural strengths and blind spots.

- Utilize online database for targeted career planning to match personality type with career objectives and education options

- Examine occupations, read job descriptions and view related college majors

- Develop an individualized comprehensive Career Report

- Navigate through the decision-making of a potential career and/or major

- Create a plan for success with extra-curricular activities and high school courses

Planning for the future begins with exploring careers pathways, researching potential majors and finding the right college fit.

It is often said that the "College planning process is a marathon, not a sprint." It is important to collect all the pieces of the puzzle to ensure that the college application process is meaningful and successful. 

"College Fit" - When the academic fit, social fit and financial fit meet, students and families will find a college

that will allow the student to flourish in their educational journey.

​Offering Comprehensive Packages and Individual Services to our clients allows flexibility to navigate through the process. 

Comprehensive College Planning Services

It's never too early to begin planning for college.

- Start in the 9th and 10th grade with the development of an Individualized High School Course Plan 

- Join together in activities to Explore Careers, Colleges, and Family Priorities 

- Empower yourself by utilizing an Online Educational Portfolio featuring the Competitive Student Quotient Gauge*

- Standardize Test Preparation - scheduling and reporting of scores 

- Recommendations of potential college options using detailed data to create a strong, balanced college list

- Customized College Application Plan with supporting details; resume, recommendations, and other supplement materials.

- Guidance through exploration and finalization of personal statement process

- Ensure application excellence through on-site and on-line application workshops

- Advice on summer Enrichment, volunteer opportunities, school and community involvement

- Assistance in the financial aid process including college affordability and academic scholarship support

Comprehensive College Planning Services begin with a 2 hour College Readiness Review
to determine the needs of the student and the family.

  1. Online Educational Portfolio features a
  2. unique *Competitive Student Quotient Gauge.
  3. This feature allows to students and
  4. their families to see how they compare at
  5. any given college.