Learn the qualities colleges are looking for in a potential student.

Understand how to build a

balanced college list.

Discover the components of each college application including the application essays, activity lists, testing and letters of recommendation.

Identify key factors to consider when building a College List – location, campus size, learning environment, extra-curricular options and more.

Find out how “College Fit” works into the admission process.

Create a plan for success with evaluating high school courses and extra-curricular activities​.

Begin with a

College Readiness


​​​​Planning for the future begins with exploring career pathways,

researching potential majors and finding the right college fit.

It is often said that "the college planning process is a marathon, not a sprint."

It is important to collect all the pieces of the puzzle to ensure that the college application

process is meaningful and successful. 

"College Fit"

When the academic fit, social fit and financial fit meet, 

students and families will find a college that will allow the student to

flourish in their educational journey.

​Explore with 
Pre-Application Year

Planning Services

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Achieve with
Application Year

Planning Services

Available for 8th, 9th, 10th,

11th and 12th grade students

​​Meeting with Student and Parents

​Available for 8th, 9th, 10th,

and 11th grade students

​​Meeting with Student and Parents

$300 per semester​​

Individual Career Exploration Services


- Complete a comprehensive online Myers-Briggs Assessment

- Discover career fields based on personality traits to promote more informed decision-making 

Understand your personality and how it relates to career planning, college experiences, and learning styles

- Learn natural strengths and blind spots

- Utilize database for targeted career planning to match personality type with career objectives 

- Examine occupations, read job descriptions and view related college majors

- Develop an individualized comprehensive Career Report

- Navigate through the decision-making of a potential career and/or major


Comprehensive College Application

services available January of 11th grade through 12th grade.

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Access to a personalized 

College Planning Portal 

for organization throughout the process.

Continued course planning and transcript evaluation.

​Student and family priority activities focused on building a balanced college list.

Development of the college search and selection process foundation.  

Assess standardize test plan as needed by colleges.

Advice on summer enrichment, volunteer opportunities, school and community involvement​.

Career Exploration including

Myers-Briggs assessment and

Career Interview opportunity.

Framework to a detailed academic and extra-curricular resume.

​Text, email and phone support.


Access to a personalized 
College Planning Portal 
for organization

throughout the process.

​Continued course planning and transcript evaluation.

Customize College Application

Plan with important dates and deadlines focused on a balanced college list.

Organize a comprehensive resume to highlight academic strengths

and extra-curricular involvement.

Identify students’ core values to highlight throughout the college

Guidance through exploration and finalization of personal statement process.

Support students with managing application details, letters of recommendations, transcripts,

and other supplement materials.

 Review applications for each platform/system to ensure excellence through 

Application Workshops.

Foster an environment to develop students’ personal awareness,

timemanagement and responsibility.

​Text, email and phone support