Financial Aid
  1. In some cases the financial aid piece to the Application Puzzle tends to be an afterthought when students are applying to college. Students and families should become knowledgable of the variety of financial aid options that are available throughout the college planning and application process. 

  2. Our services are highlighted with the College Affordability Shaper. As a premier option, families are able to utilize this tool to create a full picture of their individual financial situation and how that pertains to the colleges that the students are applying to. The College Affordability Shaper defines families into three categories:

  3. Our students are also empowered with the Academic scholarship report, allowing them to easliy locate merit based scholarships at the colleges and universities they are applying to.

  4. Looking for Scholarship success? Here are 5 tips to get you on the right track - 

  5. 1. Start Early - 9th, 10th, 11th grade... continue through your 12th grade and college.
    1. ​Use Scholarship Matching websites such as -,, and
  6. 2. Look for institutional scholarships when building your college list.
    1. ​If a college offers a wide variety of merit based scholarships that you are potentially Eligible for, then add it to your list. Find these scholarship opportunities on the university/college's Financial Aid website.
  7. 3. Don't forget to look Local.
    1. ​high school counseling office/website, Credit unions, professional organizations that parents belong to, churches, community service organizations, etc.
  8. 4. Look Beyond the application.
    1.  Don't limit yourself because you don't think that you'll qualify. Often Application requirements are "recommendations" and students may overwhelm a scholarship committee in other ways that are not listed on the application.
    2. Apply big and small! many students only apply to the larger scholarships, leaving more opportunities for the scholarships offering smaller amounts. 
  9. 5. Be prepared.
    1. ​Create a high school activity list in the 9th grade that can easily translate into a detailed resume. The resume maybe needed for the scholarship application and/or for a letter of recommendation. 
    2. Most important detail - The personal statement - don't leave this for the last minute. this is your opportunity as an applicant to shine and share your voice. Give the scholarship committee a reason to invest in you! 

  10. Available Financial Aid options include:
  11. Federal grants
  12. State grants
  13. Institutional Scholarships
  14. Federal Loans
  15. ​On-campus Work Study